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September 28, 2007



This is in response to the 3-page letter written by proponents and delivered this week.


A Freedom of Information Act request was required to obtain a copy of FGPPD financial records. We received this when FGPPD first filed with the Election Office. For that date the General Ledger posts the following:


Cash in Treasury $-207,764.71

Due to Gov. Unit (Sheriff Dept): $73,263.50

Bottom Line: $-538,576.65



A report issued by LAFCO as well as statistics bearing the Sheriff's Dept seal, verify that crime rate in the areas adjacent to the core area is equally low.


During the summer of 2007, security at the Fig Garden Racquet Club on Maroa Avenue faced parking and vehicle issues. That is a private business that often has large gatherings and private parties for young people.


Three minute response time is required for priority one calls. The Sheriff's Department provides a written statement explaining this. This is available from your Neighborhood Watch captain.


On the Official Ballot, proponents state the tax is deductible. When alerted to the inaccuracy of the statement, proponents response was to take the matter to court. Since we did not believe it worth a court battle, the statements remain on the ballot. Now, they say it's not an issue.


In August 2006, at the request of FGPPD, the Election Office printed ballots. FGPPD then hired an attorney to stop the election. Nearly identical ballots were printed in 2007; again at the request of FGPPD. Your tax dollars are needed to absorb these costs.


Should this small group of individuals handle our tax dollars? Why not wait until June 2008 when a ballot proposal is scheduled, allowing for a county-wide sales tax, with all funds going directly to the Sheriff's Department.


This response is by a neighbor living in the proposed annex area.


You can see the Neighbor to Neighbor letter here.





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