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News that we have been able to obtain by phone calls, talking to others and attending meetings. Share news that you learn with others.


02/07/04 - LAFCo has announced that the Fig Garden Police Protection District has withdrawn their application to expand the district. (See Memorandum.) This is the current application, the Fig Garden Police Protection District will resubmit the application at a later date (see below).


02/07/04 - The Fig Garden Home Owners association states that the Police Protection District will continue to work on the annexation but additional technical work must be done before bringing the application to a formal hearing. See notice from the Fig Garden Homeowners association.


01/28/04 - At the January 14th LAFCo Hearing the Board postponed the decision on the annexation until the February 11th hearing. It looks like we will have to show up in force again February 11th. There was some concern about whether the application submitted by the Fig Garden Police Protection District was complete. We were told that the application would be available to the public by noon on Thursday January 15th. When I called LAFCo on Friday January 16th I was told that the application was at their attorneys office. When I called on January 22nd I was told that it was still at their attorneys' office. Do we have a problem here? I received notice that it is now available for viewing on the 26th of January. We must stay on top of this until it is dropped or defeated. So please plan on attending the February 11th LAFCo hearing. The agenda for the next hearing and minutes for the January hearing have not been released yet. If there is any change regarding the February hearing we will try to get it posted here before the hearing.


01/04/04 - Welcome aboard Area 2! The first canvas of area 2 should be completed by next weekend. We are working with contacts in area 3 and 4. If you live in area 3 or 4 and oppose this annexation send us an email. It is imperative that you attend the Hearing and let LAFCo know you are opposed.

The next Fig Garden Taxpayers Committee organizational meeting will be held Saturday January 10th at 9:00 am. If you can help get the word out about this unfair tax and would like to attend please send an email for additional information.   


01/03/04 - Be looking for your neighbors handing out reminder notices for the January 14th LAFCo Hearing - please plan on attending. With the flier is a letter to Mr. Mike Waiczis Executive Director of LAFCo.. Please fill it out and drop it in the mail to let him know we don't want this tax. You can find a copy of the letter here.


12/10/03 - At the LAFCo meeting today they were taking comments from people that attended. Rusty VanRozeboom from the Police Protection District gave his presentation again today. Two of us from Vagedes and one lady from district 2 spoke in opposition. Three people from Vagedes showed up and a lady from district 2 showed in opposition; the only one that attended in support was Rusty VanRozeboom. The decision was made to postpone the proposal until the January LAFCo meeting. If LAFCo approves the proposal at the next meeting they will set a protest hearing date. It is my understanding that we will have from the January meeting until the protest hearing to collect protests. We were told that we would have 45 to 60 days from the time that it is approved to the protest hearing, by law it can range from 15 to 60 days. I think our best move would be to use the next month to get people to send letters to LAFCo, Susan Anderson and to have next months meeting full of neighbors to let them know we don't want this. On the way home we stopped and talked to a couple of people working in their yards in district 2. The two we talked to felt the same as us but don't have a clue how to fight this. We need to get organized and nip this in the bud before it's approved.


12/05/03 - The Fig Garden Police Protection District meeting at Powers Elementary School answered all of our questions....NOT. We did find out that if all areas are annexed that the total amount collected for the district would be about $400,000.00 and the three member board determines how to spend the money. We also learned that LAFCo will postpone their decision until their January meeting.   


12/05/03 - Please call Susan B. Anderson
Fresno County Board of Supervisors, District 2 and let her know how you feel about this. Her contact information can be found here.


12/04/03 - Tomorrow Friday December 5th is the Informational meeting for the Proposed Annexation by the Fig Garden Police Protection District. Be sure to attend! The meeting will be held at:


Powers Elementary School Cafeteria

110 E. Swift Avenue

Fresno, California 93704


It has come to our attention by talking with neighbors that some of the property owners that live outside the area may not have been mailed a notice. So I called LAFCo's office to find out and again was told to talk to Fig Garden Police Protection District because they received the list from them. I called the number that I was given, and was told that I need to talk to a person that I spoke with last week. Well back full circle and still can't get an answer. Maybe we will learn more at the meeting, be sure to attend.


11/22/03 - I talked to one of the Fig Garden Homeowners Association's Board Members that I was told spearheaded the annexation proposal. I learned that the County of Fresno was going to charge the Fig Garden Police Protection District more money or cut back on the hours of patrol in the district. The Fig Garden Police Protection District Boards solution was to try to annex more homes into the district. The homeowners in the area will be asked to pay roughly $400,000.00 a year in additional property taxes.


11/21/03 - I called LAFCo. and was told that we would need 25% to 50% of residents in the proposed annexation area to protest this annexation to have it dropped or put on a ballet for a vote. Is it 25% for a vote and 50% to drop it? I don't know as I was unable to get a clear answer on this. I was also told that if enough people in an area protest, that area might be removed from the proposed annexation. But again what is enough? LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission) is a state regulated agency that determines annexations and special district boundaries.

I called the county assessors office to find out about legal requirements regarding the mailing and the non-public, public meeting in LAFCo's notice. I'm waiting for a return call for the answers.


It has been difficult to obtain any meaning full information regarding this issue.

If you learn anything from your phone calls or talking to others please share here.



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