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New notice from LAFCo regarding the annexation by the Fig Garden Police Protection District.



Dated December 19th, 2003 and mailed December 22nd, 2003.

When we complained to LAFCo about the last notice that was sent out looking like political junk mail (see envelope) we were told that it would be too hard to address the mailing to individuals. Well it looks  like it wasn't so difficult after all. This time it had our names and was stamped in red THIS IS A LEGAL NOTICE, see new mailing envelope.


Here is a copy of the notice:

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Please attend the LAFCo Hearing January 14th 2004 at 1:30 PM to show them that we donít want A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE. The Hearing will be held in the Fresno County Board of Supervisors' Chambers, Room 301, Hall of Records, Tulare and "M" streets Fresno.



This public notice was mailed November 18th 2003 from Local Agency Formation Commission of Fresno County (LAFCo) and was addressed to Landowner/Registered Voter. This is what the envelope looked like.


Here is a copy of the notice.


If you did not see the notice in the mail you may have thrown it away thinking it was junk mail as it was addressed to Landowner/Registered Voter like some political junk mail is addressed. If you call the agency you will also find that a vote by the people is not necessary. If you would like to find out for yourself call LAFCo at 495-0604 and ask. If people in the area do not protest this proposal it will pass and our property taxes will increase by $225.00.


Please come to the LAFCo Hearing to show them that we donít want A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.



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