This notice was being passed out by residents of Area 1:



FACT: No additional deputies will patrol this area.

FACT: Deputy currently on duty will be required to cover an area nearly twice as large.

FACT: Fig Garden Police Protection District is operating at a deficit.

FACT: Sheriff’s Department contract cost was increased and Fig Garden Police
             Protection District can not pay the higher fees.

FACT: Your property was annexed solely to pay these fees.

FACT: Annexation application fee is $40,000. Election fees to be paid by Fig Garden Police Protection District.

            Your new tax assessment dollars may be used to cover outstanding debt.

FACT: The Sheriff Department contract has a no fault clause. Fig Garden Police Protection District has no insurance.

FACT: Neither Sheriff’s Department nor Police Protection District are liable for any incident resulting in injury to persons

            or property during any police action.

FACT: It may be difficult to sell your home. A special assessment tax must be disclosed to buyer.

FACT: Property tax already covers police and fire protection, new fees are redundant.

FACT: Initial cost is $299 per year. Cost allowed to increase with inflation.

FACT: Annexation to Fire Protection District is scheduled to follow. Fee: $529.

FACT: If you fail to vote, your property tax will increase.

Watch your mailbox in August for a ballot and VOTE. All property owners and adult residents are entitled to a vote.

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