This notice was being passed out by residents of Area 1:


Date: May 15, 2006

Fig Garden Police Protection District Annexation has been approved.

Your property is within this district. An annual special tax assessment will be used to pay costs.

New Contract


One Sheriff deputy, 20 hours, 1250 parcels


Old/Existing Contract:


One Sheriff deputy, 20 hours, 725 parcels



Per Home: $299

Per Lot: $ 75

Per Business: $300

Total annual contract cost: $445,810

Annual reserve fund: $ 25,000

Duration: Unspecified

Per Home: $225



Total annual contract cost: $445,810


Tax assessment approval pending. Balloting by mail. Please vote by mail when ballot received.


Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFco) : 495-0604

Susan Anderson: Board of Supervisors District 2 and LAFco Board member: 488-3542




Please note:

Additional assessment for fire protection district, $529 yearly, to be considered at a later date.

*Not a legal notice. Prepared by neighboring property owners. Not affiliated with Police Protection District or with LAFco. Does not meet legal notification requirements.